Saturday, April 3, 2010

Robin Hood Preview Clip

We finally get to see a few preview clips of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood:

Robin Hood - make it count!
Robin (Russell Crowe) leads his archers in as they storm a French castle.

More clips of Robin Hood below:

Robin Hood - Deception
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) discusses his secret arrangement of appearances with Maid Marian (Cate Blanchett).

Robin Hood - French army ashore
Robin's archers fire down upon the French army

Robin Hood - Godfrey's Intruders
Robin, Marion, and the people of Nottingham fight Godfrey´s intruders.

Robin Hood - Meet Marion
Robin introduces his Merry Men to Marion.

Robin Hood- More taxes
King John schemes to place more taxes on his people.

Robin Hood - Share my chamber
Marion informs Robin that he will share her chamber.

Robin Hood - Speech
Robin speaks to King John and the gathered armies.

Robin Hood -Your father
Sir Walter tells Robin about his father.

Robin Hood - The riddle
Robin and his men hijack a caravan.

This footage of Robin Hood looks quite good! I wait with impatience for the film!